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BMW M135i Remaps and Tuning Hardware

Give your BMW 1 Series a new lease of life with the range of remaps and supporting hardware available at VUDU Performance.

The BMW 1 Series M135i is a very impressive all-around front-wheel-drive hot hatch that is very well suited to everyday driving. A hugely powerful 6 cylinder engine delivering power to the rear wheels, this BMW M performance car is for sure a formidable driving package.

A member of the hugely popular BMW 1 series family, you can pick up a second-hand BMW M135i for sale at around the £20,000 mark. This makes this vehicle a popular choice among younger tuning enthusiasts.

If you want to improve the look and drive of your BMW we have some amazing products available. From the leading manufacturers, such as MMR Performance, Remus Exhausts, and Forge Motorsport to support the VUDU Performance remap tuning packages.

BMW M135i Remap Software

Tuning the BMW M135i 3.0ltr twin-scroll turbo-powered engine offers some fantastic results. The BMW N55 engine found in this vehicle has been widely regarded as one of the best for performance BMW tuning. We are able to offer a Stage 1 Remap for just £499, this provides your BMW M135i engine with the extra go it should have had from the factory.

Expect your power gains to increase by over 50whp from the VUDU software flash alone!

We have developed a range of amazing tuning packages for the BMW M range of cars. This ultimately gives you a more pleasurable driving experience whilst having the power under your right foot to embarrass much more exotic machinery.

Our VUDU remapping has been developed in-house by our skilled technicians to offer an outstanding driving feel and amazing power results. But the most important factor of all our testing and development stages comes when we look closely into the reliability of the remap software. This ensures, you as a consumer, have the most pleasure you can with peace of mind your remap isn't damaging your pride and joy.

If that isn't enough we can also offer a BMW M135i Stage 2 package. This Tuning package produces a mouth-watering 420+ bhp and 470ibft whilst keeping the OEM driving style in place for everyday driving.

BMW M135i Performance Hardware

With the high-performance M135i upgrades of the VUDU Performance Remap software, supporting hardware is necessary to cope with the revitalized engine.

VUDU Performance only stocks the finest tried and tested tuning products for the BMW M135i. Working alongside our big-name M135i tuning partners, we can provide your performance car with everything from styling, remaps, lowering springs, and exhaust systems.

BMW M135i Exhaust Systems:

We offer a wide range of exhaust systems, with Cobra Sport, Milltek Sport, Scorpion Exhausts, and Remus Exhausts to select from. Each system has its benefits and different M135i exhaust sound, be sure to check out our Exhausts System Buying Guide to decide which exhaust is right for you.

To go all the way to Stage 2, you will also require an aftermarket downpipe exhaust in the form of a sports cat or decat system.

The sports cat exhaust system will keep your M135i modified road legal. However, the decat exhaust system is designed specifically for track use only and will not pass a UK MOT emissions test or a police roadside check.

BMW M135i Engine Bay Upgrades:

VUDU Performance also offers a wide range of engine bay upgrades. The M135i charge pipe from Forge Motorsport is an extremely popular system due to the brittle plastic charge pipe found on the original system. This is one of the very first upgrades we recommend when it comes to mapping your vehicle for the first time.

The Wagner intercooler for M135i is another highly popular upgrade for customers looking to make the jump up to stage 2 where an intercooler is required to counter high temperatures. The intercooler core size and efficiency result in increased flow compared to the stock-mounted intercooler to give impressive charge cooling properties to the vehicle.

The increased flow rating and charge cooling brought to us by Wagner Tuning and Forge Motorsport are some of the modifications we strongly recommend making when it comes to remapping your BMW M135i.

BMW M135i Body Kits:

Maxton Design's range of stylish car splitters provide the perfect finishing touch to any vehicle and the M135i is certainly no different. Each front splitter, side skirt, and spoiler cap is manufactured from only the finest gloss black material to create a real eye-catching design.

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For more information on the M135i packages and remap software that we offer, please contact our tuning experts through our Contact Us page.

Our team of highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience working with the different models in the 1 series platform and will have no issues when it comes to fitting or dyno testing your vehicle should you so require.

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