Fabien Gonthier | VUDU Brand Ambassador | Fiesta ST Mk8

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Fiesta ST Mk8 VUDU

The island of Reunion sits in the centre of the Indian Ocean and is well known for its volcanic, rainforested interior, coral reefs and beaches but for Fabien it's a prime location to unleash his Stage 1 Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST.

Fabien is a returning customer at VUDU Performance, placing several orders for the latest VUDU Performance hardware in recent months. Owning his Mk8 ST since 2019, Fabien has enjoyed slowly building the car up into what it has become. You can see the full list of Fabien's Mk8 Fiesta ST modifications in the list below.

Mk8 Fiesta ST Performance Upgrades:

Fiesta ST Mk8 in Reunion

Mk8 Fiesta ST Aesethetic Modifications:

VUDU Fiesta ST Mk8

Follow Fabien's progress with his Mk8 Fiesta ST on Instagram @fabien.gth

Use Fabien's personal Discount Code: FG5 for a discount on your Mk8 Fiesta builds!



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