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Golf R Body Kits & Splitters

Here at VUDU Performance, we offer a range of different body kits and splitter modifications to totally improve the visual appearance of your Mk7 or Mk7.5 Golf R.

A full Golf R Body Kit for the Mk7 generation of the popular VW hot hatch has a variety of purposes, but the common objective is to vastly enhance the style of the vehicle with a far sportier appearance. If you are interested in purchasing a body kit, then look no further, as our range of Golf R splitters generates a huge amount of attention with everything you need from the spoiler cap to the front splitter.

Providing the body kits to our website, Maxton Design has established itself as the leading splitter manufacturer for the UK car tuning market, developing over 2,000 splitters for a wide array of vehicles. It's not difficult to see why the range of Maxton splitters is a popular choice among modifying enthusiasts due to the styling characteristics the brand brings to any vehicle.

The number of styling opportunities that are available is endless. Maxton Design is one of the best manufacturers of body kits in the automotive industry providing high-quality and durable styling kits for the Golf R MK7 or MK7.5.

Please note the majority of all our Maxton Design Golf R Body Kits are sold in a gloss black finish.

We find that this finish not only visually outperforms the rest but is also less prone to scratches.

Golf R Front Splitter

Golf R Front Splitter

A Golf R Mk7 front splitter from Maxton Design offers not one, but two key benefits to your vehicle.

The first benefit is the obvious styling enhancement that the front splitter brings to the Golf R. Maxton Design has allowed us to bring a large variety of Mk7 Golf front splitters to our online store. We invite you to browse through our body kits collection of products to find the perfect style of front splitter for your Golf R.

The second benefit is the aerodynamics that a front splitter brings. This is due to the increased amount of down-force that causes a vast enhancement to the traction of the Golf R. The front splitter splits the air into two, balancing the front and rear distribution of down-force to enhance the vehicle's performance ever so slightly.

Golf R Spoiler

Golf R Spoiler

A Mk7 Golf R Spoiler is another handy little modification you can make to enhance not only the style of the car but also the aerodynamics. The spoiler cap is able to increase traction and braking capabilities as it is able to increase downward force onto the back of the vehicle. This provides you as the driver with an ever so slightly faster braking response when traveling at high speeds, ideal for a Golf R owner that has purchased a VUDU Performance Stage 1 Remap Package.

Like with the Maxton Design front splitters, there is a variety of Golf R Spoiler Extensions to choose from, please take a look through our body kit collection to find the perfect style spoiler for your Golf R!

Golf R Rear Diffuser

Golf R Rear Valance

The main function of the Mk7 Golf R rear diffuser is to effectively increase the vehicle's down-force and increase the car's grip on the road surface to reduce the aerodynamic drag and provide that superior ride quality. We again, invite you to browse through our range of Golf R body kits to find the ideal Golf R diffuser for you. Maxton Design has released a number of different designs onto the markets, ready for you to purchase.

Golf R Side Skirts

Golf R Side Splitters

The side skirt diffusers offer both protection and increase aerodynamic performance. This is due to the side skirts being able to prevent the airflow from passing underneath the chassis from the vehicle sides. The Maxton Design Golf R Side Skirts come in a variety of styles, please check through our body kit collection to find the perfect style for you.

Want To Learn More?

For any information regarding any of our Golf R Maxton Kits, make sure to please contact us via phone or email. Our team of experts will be able to guide you in the correct direction for all your styling needs.

It is vitally important that all Golf R splitter products are fitted correctly, we highly recommend installations are completed by a garage specialist to prevent any fitment issues. We can only accept a return on splitters that have not been fitted to the vehicle and are in their original packaging.

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R splitters, please contact our team for a quote.

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