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Golf R Intercoolers & Cooling Solutions

We are proud to introduce our range of Golf R intercoolers to the Mk7 VW Golf R tuning market!

A key component of any remapped vehicle is the intercooler upgrade as it's vitally important to keep charge temperatures low whilst the power increases. For any Golf R owner wanting to take their vehicle to stage 2 and beyond, then a performance intercooler is simply a must-have piece of hardware. You will find an aftermarket intercooler in each of our VUDU Performance Stage 2 and Stage 3 Tuning Packages.

Each performance intercooler within this product collection will provide a direct fit replacement for the stock unit on your Mk7 or Mk7.5 Golf R.

Why Upgrade The Intercooler On The VW Golf R Mk7?

Golf R Intercooler

You will probably find yourself searching for an aftermarket intercooler when upgrading from a stage 1 to a stage 2 build. An increase of 40bhp is due to be expected when Golf R owners upgrade from a Stage 1 to a Stage 2 VUDU Performance Remap Package, so cooling hardware components such as the intercooler are a necessity for running this incredible amount of power.

The Golf R Front Mount Intercooler provides a huge reduction in air charge temperatures to bring heat levels closer to the ambient temperature that is required for the car to run smoothly.

Which Is The Best Intercooler For The Mk7 Golf R?

Golf R Airtec Intercooler

As this is such a specialist component of stage 2 tuning, there are a number of options when it comes to selecting which intercooler you are wanting to add to your Golf R build.

Our personal favourite and the intercooler included in our stage 2 Golf R package is the AIRTEC Motorsport Gen 2 Intercooler Upgrade. We have tested this intercooler rigorously and the dyno testing results speak for themselves, with reliable run-after-run results. You can expect a rather impressive 400-420BHP with our full stage 2 kit installed.

Mk7 Golf R Intercooler Brand Options:

AIRTEC Intercooler Golf R

AIRTEC Motorsport is a big player when it comes to Golf R performance hardware and their intercoolers are certainly up there with some of the best on the market. Providing a direct replacement for the smaller and more restrictive unit on the stock Golf vehicle. The free-flowing design of the AIRTEC Motorsport intercooler offers a significant increase in surface area, efficiency, and volume with a 60mm core design designed to improve flow and a small power increase.

Racingline Intercooler Golf R

Racingline Performance is another company that specializes in aftermarket Golf R intercoolers. Like AIRTEC Motorsport, they are another big player in the Golf R performance hardware industry and a brand we must certainly mention. Proving to consistently reduce intake temperatures, their intercooler will see a huge improvement in the fight against heat soak which will allow the car to perform to its greatest capabilities for a longer period of time.

Forge Intercooler Golf R

We have an extensive amount of Forge Motorsport hardware available on our website, which shows the level of trust we have in their product range. Their uprated intercooler upgrade is no exception to this. A perfect fitment for the Mk7 Golf, this intercooler boasts a bar and plate construction with a great overall surface area to provide that smooth power curve.

Will These Intercoolers Fit Any Other Model?

Golf R Intercooler

As the VW Golf R Mk7 is part of the popular MQB range of vehicles. You may find that the intercoolers within this product collection will also fit different models. Each individual product page will confirm whether their particular brand of intercooler will fit your vehicle but as a general rule of thumb, the intercoolers within this collection will fit the following models:

  • VW Golf R Mk7 & Mk7.5
  • VW Golf GTI Mk7 & Mk7.5
  • Audi S3 8V
  • Seat Leon Cupra R

Please get in touch if you are unsure or would like confirmation of fitment and we will be happy to assist you!

Need To Learn More?

When it comes to VW Tuning, VUDU Performance is one of the market leaders with a range of performance remap software and a growing range of specialist hardware. From the Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 TSI, to the Audi S3 8V Hatchback and Saloon, we have you covered for all your tuning needs. The Volkswagen Golf is one of favourite cars to tune, producing a huge increase in performance gains from Stage 1 all the way through to Stage 3.

Our range of Golf R Tuning packages and performance hardware is forever increasing. We invite you to head over to our dedicated Golf R collection where you will find everything you need to take your vehicle from a 300bhp stock vehicle through to a 540bhp stage 3 monster!

We have a team of Golf R tuning experts ready and able to talk you through the ins and outs of the intercooler upgrade or any of our other performance parts for that matter! Please give us a call or drop an email via our Contact page for any additional information or questions you may have!

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R intercooler, please contact our team for a quote.

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