Mk7 Golf R Exhaust Systems

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Performance Exhaust Systems For The Mk7 Golf R

An exhaust system is often the first point of call when it comes to making your first steps in the Golf R tuning and modifying world. There is no wonder why this modification is often so common as there are many key benefits to switching to aftermarket performance exhaust. These benefits include enhancements made to the performance, sound, and rear view design of the vehicle.

A performance exhaust is far more coherent at removing dirty air from the engine when compared to the stock exhaust system, this allows for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. The increase in cleaner air flow licenses your engine to breathe better, and therefore create more power.

The expected horsepower that the exhaust will give your VW Golf R MK7 or Mk7.5 would be around 10% which is a rather impressive boost from a single piece of hardware. The looks and sound improvements speak for themselves, we recommend browsing through our exhaust range to find the style and sound of exhaust that suits your vehicle the greatest.

We have a range of performance exhaust brands on our website that you can choose from. Each brand manufactures its exhausts from certified stainless steel which guarantees superior quality and performance. If you are interested in a downpipe to compliment the Golf R Stage 2 Tuning Package, you can view the range of decat and sports cat options available to you in our Golf R Downpipes collection.

As the MQB platform of cars incorporates both Audi and Volkswagen models, you will find that most of the Golf R exhaust systems within this collection will also fit the Audi S3.

Please note all relevant fittings and gaskets are supplied with each exhaust system purchased from this Golf R product collection.

Milltek Exhaust For The Golf R

Golf R Milltek Exhaust

Milltek Sport is one of the leading performance exhaust manufacturers across the globe, offering a range of systems for a wide variety of make and models. Manufacturing their exhausts in the UK, the build quality of a Milltek exhaust is easy to see from the look and feel of any piece of pipework that Milltek Sport produce.

Everything Milltek Sport design and produce is only made with the signature high quality that Milltek takes enormous pride in. Their performance exhausts are manufactured from T304L stainless steel to give you the satisfaction of knowing that the product you are purchasing can handle the toughest of environments, whether that be on the roads or the track.

Why Choose a Milltek Sport Exhaust?

If you are looking for a premium built exhaust system, with a nice and crisp exhaust tone that will make great enhancements to the rear view design of your Golf R then look no further. Each Golf R Milltek exhaust is available with multiple tailpipe options from a polished design to carbon fibre.

Golf R Cobra Exhaust

Golf R Cobra Exhaust

Cobra Sport is based in one of the North of England's most recognized manufacturing locations, the steel city of Sheffield. With 50 years plus of exhaust construction under their belts, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about performance exhaust systems.

All Cobra exhaust systems showcase mandrel bent certified grade 304 stainless steel pipework. Formed by superior TIG welding techniques, Cobra Sport ensures a quality finished exhaust each time with a lifetime guarantee that your performance exhaust will look, sound, and perform for years to come.

Matt Thomas the Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says, ‘The Mk7 Golf R continues to delight drivers with its superb all-round performance. Cobra Sport's objective has been to further enhance Golf R owner's driving experience with our range of performance exhausts. Something I believe we have truly achieved.'

Why Choose a Cobra Sport Exhaust?

If you are a Mk7 or Mk7.5 Golf R owner and you want to be heard with the deepest and most aggressive-sounding exhaust tone, then this brand is the one for you. Like with the other performance exhaust brands on the Golf R tuning market, the Cobra Sport range showcases a nice variety of exhaust tips.

Golf R Scorpion Exhaust

Golf R Scorpion Exhaust

Scorpion Exhausts is another huge name in the performance exhaust system industry. With some of the finest engineering facilities, a multitude of skill sets from design to production, and an impressive dyno testing facility, each Golf R Scorpion exhaust system has completed rigorous testing and development. This ensures the quality you are purchasing is only to Scorpion's extremely high standards.

Why Choose a Scorpion Exhaust?

A Scorpion Exhaust is somewhat similar sounding to a Milltek system, there's a crisp exhaust tone and an evident manufacturing quality that is there for all to see. Like the other exhaust brands, there are multiple Golf R exhaust tip options for you to choose from.

Golf R Remus Exhaust

Golf R Remus Exhaust

Having been invited to Remus Exhausts factories, we have seen firsthand the effort and build quality that each Remus Exhaust system brings to the table. The Golf R Remus Exhaust is a very high-quality system, justifying its price with a distinctive exhaust tone and a truly spectacular design.

Each Remus Exhaust system has been handcrafted to gain the greatest exhaust flow possible which results in enhanced power gains for that superior driving experience.

Why Choose a Remus Exhaust?

With a Remus Exhaust on your Golf R, you are guaranteed the signature Remus exhaust tone with a design that works with the exhaust valves and switching driving modes to allow the driver to adjust the noise levels on the move.

Resonated vs Non-Resonated

The non-resonated exhaust system has a straight pipe through to the back box which removes the rear silencer. This allows for the sound to pass straight through from the engine to give you a loud and exciting driving experience. We invite you to order a Golf R non-resonated exhaust if your preference is for a louder and more aggressive exhaust note.

A resonated exhaust is slightly more expensive than a non-resonated system due to the extra pipework that is required to keep noise levels at a subtle rate. The improvements to the performance of your VW Golf R are the same but with a much more respectable tone in the exhaust.

Want To Learn More?

For any information on our Golf R Sports Exhausts, make sure to please contact us via phone or email. Our team of Golf R tuning experts will be able to guide you in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us.

Should you require our own technicians to fit your Golf R exhaust system, please contact our team for a quote.

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