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An engine remap offers you an excellent opportunity to take your vehicle to a level you’ve likely never experienced before offering vast enhancements to both the wheel horsepower and torque figures of the vehicle whilst offering options for pops and bangs left foot braking and much more.

Our talented team of technicians understand the complex engine control unit ecu of the modern car. we know that no two engines are the same and things like fuel economy , fuel consumption are effected with increased power and advancing the ignition timing through the rev range. as part of our service, we connect every vehicle to our very own advanced rolling road dyno, to test the performance of the vehicle before and after our ecu software.

There are many tuning companies that are not offering bespoke and properly developed car remapping they simply use an off the shelf file service unlike our VUDU Performance software.

Enjoy up to a 25% discount on VUDU Performance remap software this Christmas!

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